Sunday, July 31, 2011

213 preliminary chart

Well, I did a trial run using a charting program called Stitchmastery Knitting Chart Editor.  The chart has a few bugs in it, like a few extra symbols in the key that I'm having trouble deleting.  Also, disregard the wrong side descriptions of the stitches in the key.  Wrong side (even numbered) rows are knitted.  I'd appreciate someone looking at it and telling me if there are any glaring errors.  I will try to test knit it this week.  The even rows are all knit stitches except when you come to the 2)(2 stitches.  Here is how I THINK the stitch is made:  2)(2 STITCH OR STAR STITCH   I'm going to have to swatch it and see but if you have done this stitch before, please leave comments.
Re: the nupps.  I think 7 stitch nupps usually look a little nicer than 5 but I'd love to hear opinions.  And I'd love to hear experiences with k2tog and ssk and then making a nupp into that stitch (the stitches that look like a / or \ with a little nupp symbol on the top of them).  Please join in the discussion.  Ask questions, leave comments.  Hopefully, you can click on the chart image and it will pop up into a larger view.  I have my fingers crossed.



Mary in A2 said...
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Cathy Scott said...

Great to see the StitchMastery fonts and Chart Editor in use.

I have this book but an earlier edition so I'm interested to swatch this too - will post a photo when I'm done.

It should be straight forward to delete the border entries that you don't want. Just select them and then Edit > Delete.

The WS/RS entries can also be edited in the software. Just click to select, then click again to get an edit box.

Mary in A2 said...

Thanks for your comments, Cathy. I will work on the chart later on today and swatch, too.